Palm Beach County leak detection

By Jeff Kolodny, Get Dry, Inc.
Originally Published On: March 12, 2021
Category: Mold Remediation

We have over 20 years of experience in handling leak detection, mold removal and water damage.  If you are experiencing any of these issues call us at 561-777-2618

As an experienced Palm Beach County leak detection, water and mold restoration company we have helped hundreds of homeowners head off major problems associated with leak related home damage.  While this article features a Palm Beach County home, we also help homeowners in Broward and Martin County as well.

By the time a homeowner realizes they have a leak in their home it’s usually panic time. Often leaks happen in hidden places away from the normal field of view. This means that a leak, especially a slow leak, may be unnoticed for a long time.  During that time, water damage occurs in the form of mold or home structural damage.   A leak can be the result of a broken pipe fitting, a crack in a roof, a failed fitting around a toilet or shower drain even a backyard swimming pool can spring a subtle leak and create home damage.  The panic and anguish of dealing with a hidden leak could sometimes be avoided by knowing what to look for in advance. It’s our hope that this article will help homeowners become more aware of the problems that can occur when home leaks happen and how to avoid major problem by finding leaks early.  By simply being aware of the subtle warning signs, a homeowner can save thousands of dollars in unexpected home damage.  Our work as Palm Beach County leak detection experts have taught us, if a homeowner makes a visual inspection of their home  a regular habit, they can catch a potential home leak and save thousands of dollars and avoid lots of stress and aggravation.  Restoring your home after water damage could be an expensive process.  If you could avoid major home damage by finding and repairing a leak quickly you should.

In many of our articles we talk about mold and water damage.  This only makes sense because once a property owner contacts us with, what would have been only a small leak problem, the damage is already done, and the situation has reached its peak.  The result of many of these small leaks is mold, water damage, home structural damage. Often when we get called, its well after a leak has done its damage. Then our job becomes one of cleaning up the mess or starting the home damage repair process. However, if a homeowner knows the warning signs, and acts quickly it’s possible to prevent major home damage.  Leaks in homes are difficult to handle for several reasons.  First, often the homeowner has no idea they even have a leak. Many times the leaks are hidden walls, behind cabinets, or even underground. Second, if they suspect they do have a leak, finding the leak could be a challenge.

small hole in a shingle roof creates ceiling damage

All it takes is a very small hole to create a water damage situation. This tiny hole in a Palm Beach County home’s roof led to a water disaster.

How can you tell if you may have a leak, & possible causes of leaks?

One of the most basic signs that you may have a water leak is by looking at your water bill.If you find that you water bill increases for no reason, there is a good chance you have a hidden water leak. Even a very small leak can waste thousands of gallons of water causing a noticeable increase in your water bill. If you think you may have a  leak check your meter after turning off all faucets and appliances such as the dishwasher and washing machine.  After everything has been shut off check your meter and see if it is still changing. After looking at the meter, write down the settings and wait two or three hours and see if there is a change.  In the case of a slow leak, it may take a long time to see a change.

In addition to plumbing problems, water leaks can come from other locations.  For example, a roof leak won’t be detected by looking at your water bill.  However, a very slight roof leak can very quickly turn into a major mold problem.  The insulation in your homes attic can act like a sponge and soak up water before any water finds its ways into your living space.  When we get inspection requests for Palm Beach County leak detection we often find a damaged roof is the culprit. As a normal course of home maintenance a homeowner should look at the corners of a homes walls and ceiling to check for any discoloration.

chart showing the sources of home links with roof leaks, plumbing leaks, appliance leaks, gutter leaks

Leaks can come from many different sources. They key to saving your home from damage is early detection.

Another source of home leaks can come from your homes water supply line.  This is one of the most common types of leaks that is not actually inside your home, but can cause plenty of damage.  Supply line leaks are difficult to detect because the supply pipes are buried several feet underground.  If you see wet spots in your lawn or have an area in which your grass is greener than the rest of your lawn you may have a leaking underground supply line.

The worst type of leak homeowners need to look out for are sewer system leaks.  This is often referred to, as “Black Water Leaks” The liquid that escapes from a leaking sewer line is often toxic and needs to be handled by a black water remediation specialist.  If you notice a foul smell in your yard or a patch of extra green grass call us at (561) 777-2618   At Get Dry, Inc. we are experienced experts at leak detection and water damage remediation.  We are based in Boynton Beach and handle home water damage in all of Palm Beach County, Broward County and Martin County.

Why should you call Get Dry, Inc. if you suspect your home has a leak problem? 

There are different types of companies that claim to handle leak detection.  The question is, how do they find the leak and at what cost?  Also, once a leak is found how do they handle or prevent mold from growing and contaminating a home.  You could call a plumber, but most plumbers only handle plumbing.  At Get Dry, Inc. we have been called to many homes that have been repaired by a plumber, only to find that the leak has been repaired, but the water damage was left behind.   In addition we have found that some leaks that cause the most damage have been the most difficult to find.  They are often hidden within homes walls in a maze of pipes and fittings.  Pinpointing the exact source of the leak could be done using several different methods.

By using the most sophisticated leak detecting equipment we can pinpoint the source of a leak and repair the problem before further damage occurs.  

In the past plumbers used a hit or miss method to find a hidden leak. They would try to take a somewhat educated guess as to where the leak was, then open the wall to see if they were correct. Our approach is more advanced; we use the most up to date high tech equipment to pinpoint the leak.  Then we surgically repair the leak and remove any mold growth, which resulted from the water damage.   Our test equipment uses the latest technology and includes infrared cameras that can see moisture in and behind walls, floors and ceilings.  We have also invested in the best borescope equipment, which allows us look behind walls without the need to remove the drywall.

A year of experience helps to insure our arsenal of equipment is put to the most effective use.  The best and latest leak detection equipment is more effective when it’s used in the hands of experience.  Even the best equipment can send an inexperienced leak detector in the wrong direction.  For example, so pipes have a double coating or a cover over a pipe.  When the leak occurs in in one layer, the water will travel to a different section of pipe.  This will sometimes present the leak in the wrong place. There are also many other ways a leak can travel through a homes walls and appear in a false location.  Water can run along beams and appear in locations several yards away from the source.   Our years of experience as Palm Beach County leak detection experts will insure that tricky situations like this won’t send us looking in the wrong place.

If you live in Palm Beach County, Broward County or Martin County and have noticed higher than normal water usage, or have found brown spots in the corners of your homes interior walls then you should call the best water damage and leak detecting company to solve your problem fast.  At Get Dry, Inc. there is no charge for home inspections.  If you see something that look add, such as a brown water spot or if you smell something odd, call us for a free inspection.