Delray Chamber Leads Group Generates more than $297,000 in Gross Dollar Sales Among its Members

By Tina Pugliese, Pugliese Public Relations
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DELRAY BEACH, Florida—The Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce boasts many reasons why a business might want to join and participate but one of the organization’s Leads Groups, the Delray Business Partners, can give thousands of reasons why it would be more than worth joining.

Leads Groups are entities within the Chamber comprised of local business people who share a simple belief—that they can be more successful together than on their own. Through leads, referrals, opportunities, sharing of best practices and encouraging each other through common experiences, each group builds a network of trust and confidence that helps its members thrive.

Under the leadership of Jan Kinder, Chair of Delray Business Partners, the group has set a record for collaboration with one another.  During 2020, the 31 members of the Delray Business Partners generated more than $297,000 of gross sales dollars by doing business with one another as well as by referring their colleagues in the group to other potential clients.

Audra Wilson, CPA, owner of WATS CPA, and a member of the Group states, “The best part about being a member of the Delray Business Partners leads group is that we are friends first. It is great to network and send referrals to a team of people you know, like, and trust.”

According to Ms. Kinder, “Chamber leads groups allow members to develop strong relationships with their counterparts in a variety of other businesses. The friendship, trust, and support that is cultivated among its members lends to business and personal growth for all involved. At each meeting, members are encouraged to exchange business leads—potential clients or customers for other members of the group. In effect, their contacts become your contacts; their customers can become your customers. Members also rotate making short presentations about themselves and their businesses. The members also benefit greatly from one-on-one meetings and developing a deeper connection with other members.”

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